You’re pulled over for DUI. It’s distressing and takes a toll on your mental health. Not to mention, physical and financial health as well. We’ve shown you what to do when you are arrested for the first time with DUI here and the second time hereĀ  – and we couldn’t emphasize more why it’s important to hire an experienced lawyer to help you with your DUI case. To give you a glimmer of hope in this situation, not just experienced, but hiring a skilled legal counsel who fully understands your case is the right thing to do. Here are 2 major reasons why.

Top FAQs About DUI in Washington State in 2021

1. DUI Lawyers Live And Breathe DUI Laws

Having a DUI lawyer means that someone will actually carefully study and evaluate the circumstances of your situation. DUI lawyers like Soriano Law LLC are familiar with the latest DUI laws, including rules that apply to your case, and all the documents and requirements about your case. This also means they will give you advice on the right thing to do – whether an expert means is beneficial or suppress evidence against you – all the necessary actions will be advised by them. Legal counsel can also help you minimize your penalty because they are very knowledgeable and experienced in these areas.

2. DUI Lawyers Can Actually Help Reduce Your Overall Costs

One cost is insurance. When you are convicted of DUI, car insurance rates can get higher since they consider such drivers to be high risks. A DUI lawyer may be able to negotiate lesser charges and avoid paying high insurance premium rates. But of course, a lawyer doesn’t make guarantees. It is important to talk to a skilled lawyer to help you on insurance rates.

Another cost is Ignition Interlock Device (IID). All convicted with DUI are asked to install IID for a specific period when you officially get back to being able to drive. IIDs are also expensive, and a DUI lawyer may be able to help you if it is proven not to be needed or possibly waived off.

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