As a first timer, it is important that you know what to do. We posted a blog before about it. But there are other things you should be aware when being charged with DUI. Read on.

Washington State is known to be a tough state in terms of Driving Under The Influence (DUI) laws. Aside from fines and a possible jail time, first time offenders are also faced with other penalties and procedures to take that comes with it. Mandatory court appearance is to be done – in front of a judicial officer within one (judicial) day after arrest or if served with a citation or complaint at time of arrest.

License Will Be Suspended

Upon conviction of a DUI, your driver’s license will be suspended. However, you can contest this suspension if you request a hearing that is accompanied by an attorney. It should be done within 20 days of arrest. If you choose not to request a hearing, your license is up for suspension for 90 days to two years, given you had prior offenses and how severe the incident was.

Refusal to take a breath or blood test will definitely allow the court to still convict you of DUI. It is imperative you talk to an attorney to help you with the case. The attorney may be able to help get your license back after suspension, but will depend on prior offenses.

Getting an Ignition Interlock License

Temporary license may be availed if you agree to an IID or Ignition Interlock Device. Your vehicle will be equipped with this during your suspension. Consequently, this will allow you to have an Ignition Interlock License (IIL). It will be a license with limitations on where you drive to. School, medical care and community service are on that list. It is important to note that there is a requirement for a SR-22 insurance for individuals to drive. Typically imposed by Department of Licensing in conjunction with the IID to get your drivers license back.

The IIL is imposed by the municipal and district courts under the state law. An experienced attorney can help you avoid installing this IID on your vehicle. You may seek help with us on this.

Can I Get Probation?

Instead of jail time, probation may be granted to those first-time offenders. A probation officer will be assigned to you and will need to maintain regular contact with him/her for the duration of the monitored probation.

If you are charged with DUI, we highly recommend to consider contacting an attorney immediately.

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