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What To Know About Second Offense of DUI

Courts are imposing stricter release conditions for those with prior offenses. A DUI arraignment will be your first hurdle to face – so it’s important to get help from an experienced attorney. Courts will require some guarantee that you are not drinking – meaning an alcohol monitoring device will be installed in your home.
As stated, a second DUI in Washington State could come with more serious consequences than the first one. There is a “lookback window” of seven years – meaning the time period between first and second is 7 years or less.
If the first offense was either outside this “look back period” or no administrative action was imposed against your license, the Department of Licensing will be treating this second DUI offense as a first offense (for administrative sanctions purposes).
A breath test under 0.15 will be done to you, or a blood draw. If there wasn’t a refusal from either of these tests, the mandatory minimum penalty is 30 days in jail followed by 60 days of home detention.
There will also be up to $5,000 in fines and a loss of a driver’s license for a period of one to three years.

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New Changes to Second Offense In DUI

On the other hand, recently, Washington State has issued a new statute to offer alternatives such as:
– For those who have one prior DUI (with a BAC under 0.15), a sentence has changed to four (4) days and either 120 days of 24/7 sobriety program at home.

DUI Penalty Alternative

A deferred prosecution (DP) could be your alternative to being in jail or a jury trial. It is a treatment program for within two to five years. Since recently, there has been a little “flexibility” of penalty, we urge you to talk to us about it by giving us a call via the below numbers.
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