PICTURE THIS: You are in this situation – you or your loved one got into an accident. It may have happened with the negligence of the other party. You filed the case. But the insurance company reaches out for a settlement.  You doubt it, thinking it’s rather small and do not know what to do. The offer comes after gathering important documents – police report, medical records and other relevant papers or evidence needed to investigate your case. All these while the injured person is seeking medical treatment. You are now wondering what to do next – at this point, every decision is crucial.


You don’t have to worry. We can help you clear your mind on the personal injury claims. First, here’s what you need to know: we wrote an article here. Now, lets enumerate the pros and cons to filing a personal injury claim:

Advantages of filing a personal injury case 


  1. Filing a lawsuit means you are sending a strong signal to the other party that you are serious about this case. Insurance companies know many people who got personal injury want a settlement and do not want to get into the trouble of going to court or filing/gathering documents. Once it is filed, you can ask for more information about the case – you’re wanting for more answers are “official” once you filed the suit. You can ask for documents, information about the person who injured you, and other relevant documents needed for the case. 
  2. An experienced attorney can help you get the fairest settlement for you. They are knowledgeable about these type of cases, and have experience working with insurance companies who most likely would not give a fair settlement, therefore the attorney can fight with you until you get the claim you deserve to compensate you for the injury caused. This will then allow you to focus on the more important things – like your recovery or healing. 
  3. There is the likelihood that a settlement may be done out of court, otherwise, if the defendant refused to offer a reasonable settlement, can make the case goes to a jury trial.  


Disadvantages of filing a personal injury case 

  1. Lawsuits are expensive. You are likely to get experts to support you on your case and this may involve shelling out money. As it is expensive, it also is very risky. If both parties do not reach a settlement, case could go to jury and the jury may decide against you. There is no guarantee at this point. 
  2. It will take time. Especially if it goes to a trial. A personal injury case may take up to a year, but could also be quick depending on reaching a settlement. 
  3. There’s always emotion involved as an injury may surface the trauma incurred during the accident. The injured person may not at always be at comfort reliving the accident they were in. It is important to really seek the help of an experienced and compassionate attorney to guide you on what’s best to do during your case.

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