Many people have had a personal injury in one way or another. The problem is that they have no idea what to do next after getting one. If you or your loved one are injured in a slip and fall incident, car accident, or other types of situation that leads to a personal injury, certain expenses caused by it can quickly become overwhelming. But, the law or the State can step in to help. There are ways you can claim back the expenses you had. The next immediate step is to consult with an attorney who’s experienced and knowledgeable about the next steps depending on the injury you or your loved one has sustained. Here are the basic information you need to know about personal injury in Washington State.

What does “At fault” mean?

It means you must prove that in order to receive damages for your injury, the other party must be “at fault”. Washington is an “at fault” State. This could also mean the other way around – if you are proven you are at fault for the injury, then you are to pay the damages to the other party. 

Where do I need to file my case? 

Where did your injury occur? Important to know first that filing the personal injury case may be in the district court in the county where the defendant resides or where your injury occurred. If you want to file the claim yourself, you may go to the court and fill out the forms or download them from the website. Personal injuries amounting to less than $5,000 may be filed with the small claims court with a fee. Additional expenses may be incurred should you serve the complaint and summons to your defendant.

Is there a deadline to file? 

There is. Washington State allows you up to 3 years from the date of your accident or injury to file. The clock starts ticking on the date that the injury is sustained. However, you may want to consult with a personal injury lawyer because there are times it could be shorter or longer depending on the situation. Consult with us for free now at 

Is there a cap on the damages?

In the State of Washington, there is no cap on damages in a personal injury case. This means you can claim for the full amount for the damages from your personal injury. The State ruled it to be not constitutional. 


A personal injury claim can be very tedious and expensive, if not done right. An experienced attorney like Soriano Law can help you and be by your side throughout the whole ordeal – from letting you know the potential cost of your expenses to creating and sending demand letters to relevant parties, to taking your case to a trial. Call us for a FREE consultation now or send us a chat message!