There are useful learnings about Personal Injury we wrote that you need to know – which you can read here. But recently we get questions about PIP – what is it and how does it work in Washington State?


What is PIP?

Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, is an optional insurance coverage you may be able to add to your existing car insurance. In Washington State, it is not mandatory. But if added, PIP can help pay for medical and hospital expenses, wage loss, loss of services  and even funeral expenses. This applies no matter who is at fault. 


Benefits of PIP

The main benefit of PIP is that it covers the above mentioned immediate expenses when figured in a car accident. You can have the funds to pay for these expenses without having to wait for the other driver’s insurance policy to take effect. It is applied on top of your current medical insurance – which could be very beneficial to reduce the costs. It can also cover immediate members of the household, stepchildren, foster children and non-family passengers and pedestrians involved in the accident. 


How does PIP work?

PIP coverage pays up to three years after the accident, although it is imperative to notify the insurance company as soon as after the accident happens. When notified, the insurance companies are now able to start the claim. The immediate notification to the insurance company is very crucial because if done late, the coverage may be denied. 

Policy limitations only pay the maximum amount payable for the expenses which means you’ll only receive the amount that is tied to your medical expenses. The insurer will not pay more than the limit. The coverage of the insured are:

Medical expenses up to $10,000 

Loss of wage up to $10,000 or $200 per week (you’ll have to miss 14 consecutive days of work)

Loss of services up to $5,000 or $200 per week 

Funeral expenses up to $2,000

It is important to check with your insurance company if you wish to increase your PIP coverage.


Lastly, it is important to keep all detailed records of EVERY expense that you included in your PIP claim. Talk to our experienced lawyer to learn more about PIP and or any personal injury you may have figured in. We are happy to provide FREE consultation for you. Call us now at (360) 249-6174 or email