You are stopped. You don’t know what to do. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Well first of all, relax. First time DUI offenders will have a better chance to have their charge reduced to a lesser offense or dismissed, compared to someone with a prior DUI offense. Also note that the higher your BAC, the less likely the prosecutor will reduce your charge, regardless if this is your first dui offense. A lot of your history will be looked into first, if it really is your first time to be faced with DUI charges. As such, your situation will have been more favorable than someone who has been in the system before. Habitual offenses are big in Washington. Although of course, you should never be at ease even though it’s your first. State prosecutors will stop at nothing to have the prosecution to its fullest extent.


We couldn’t emphasize enough that the Washington state has one of the toughest DUI penalties in the whole country. The mandatory minimum penalties for first offense of DUI are based upon the level of the breath/blood test (BAC) and whether there was a refusal to submit to testing. See infographic on simple summary of jailtime, fines and license suspension penalties.


At the time of the arrest, it is important to do two things: COOPERATE and BE POLITE. You do not want to aggravate things – it is your every right to remain silent but cooperating with an officer does not mean answering questions that could incriminate you. Be polite in answering and refusing whatever you are being asked to do. When you are arrested for DUI, the first thing you DO is call a DUI Attorney – knowledgeable, experienced and hard-working at that. It is essential that your DUI attorney understands how prior offense system works because someone who has a deferred prosecution for DUI will in turn be considered to have a prior DUI offense. Therefore, you want to have a DUI attorney to be very well acquainted with DUI laws and its penalties.


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