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Do you have questions about Divorce in Washington? Parenting Plan? What about questions on Driving Under the Influence (DUI)? Have you been charged with DUI? Wondering what your rights are and what to do in pursuing legal action? Are you wondering whether you should hire an attorney?


General FAQ


Q: Who are the Soriano Law LLC Lawyers? 


Soriano Law has Attorney Ron Soriano and Attorney James George. Both have extensive experience in Family Law. They can be reached at (360) 249-6174 and (360) 742-2817. You may also send email at or via facebook / twitter at @SorianoLawLLC


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Q: Which counties in Washington can Soriano Law help?


We are in Montesano (Grays Harbor County), but we also serve clients in Thurston County, Pacific County, Lewis County, Mason County, and Pierce County.


Q: Do you have a FREE consultation?


Yes. Please reach out to (360) 249-6174 and (360) 742-2817 to schedule. We can schedule online consultation too. 


Q: What are the areas do Soriano Law practice?


A: We have experience in wide array of areas but we primarily help in family law including divorce, parenting plan, and domestic abuse, in Washington. We also help cases in DUI.  



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Divorce FAQ


Q: How do I file Divorce in Washington? What documents are needed?


Since there is no needed reason for a spouse to file for a divorce, you can file it at any time at your county following all the outlined requirements. You can file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The petition you are filing contains important data about you, your spouse and your children which are mandatory. There are petitions that contain requests for property division, spousal maintenance, child custody and child support. Once filed, you will receive a cause number for your case. Remember, all the requirements, and documents (which will be then be called pleadings) will be very crucial and the court will hold you responsible for its accuracy and completeness, so make sure you understand all of them. You can always ask a lawyer if you have questions about any of these documents.


The court filing fee is $280 for a dissolution of marriage (Divorce). Other costs may include photocopying and delivery service fees. If you can not afford this fee, you may fill out a special form that will request the court to waive the filing fee.


Q: How long is the divorce process in Washington?


90 days. Divorces can take longer than 90 days if parties cannot agree on the final orders given.


Q: What happens after filing divorce?


The other party has 20 days to respond after date of service. If out of state, the court gives 60 days to file a response to the petition for dissolution. While waiting for a response, you can file a separate motion for temporary orders. You will need to follow local court rules since each county vary in procedure. If you have any questions, please contact an attorney


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Q: How will COVID-19 affect my divorce process?


Courts are still open for now but there particular health care precautions in place. When you do schedule a visit, make sure to follow them. If one has a symptom or has a history of exposure, request in writing or calling them would be best. Make sure when you manage your case, hire an online mediator or appointment of private judge in order to keep negotiations going or for updating any concerns. After this is done, make sure to ask for your ex’s consent. You and your ex can actually reach an agreement, if you do, most courts are accepting agreed orders. Absolutely possible to finalize divorce if an agreement or order is reached and submitted.


Other alternative methods of dispute resolutions are Mediation and Binding Arbitration. These are very effective in resolving cases short of trial and are sure to be even more valuable now.


Q: What if I am unable to give support? 


Your current Support Order is still in effect or enforceable even without a proactive Modification or Adjustment initiated, thus paying child support is still a must. Although, in the coming days or weeks, we hope and expect the courts will issue instructions to address these circumstances as it is very important.


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Q: What To Do With Disagreements on Parenting Plan?


Disagreeing a lot? At first, it’s important to have a discussion on how your co-parent can feel about connecting with his/her children while they cannot see each other. If one feels strongly about his/her willingness to still find ways to talk or bond with the child, he/she may do so. You can reach an agreement about your parenting plan without violating it. Some options include guaranteeing Zoom / Skype / Messenger / Facetime Calls, therefore being creative in exercising residential time remotely. Then, decide on make-up time when the pandemic is over. If disagreement constitutes an emergency, you may need to go to court. 

However if not, check your parenting plan’s dispute resolution section. You’ll know if you need to go to court or can use a mediator or arbitrator in solving disagreements.


Q: When Can Contempt Be Filed re Parenting Plan?


When one parent fails to follow a parenting plan, the other can usually ask the court to hold that parent in contempt. Even during this COVID 19 pandemic, such parenting plan should be followed. That is why it is emphasized above that even during these trying times, parents should find a way to connect to the child. When you file contempt, the court can try to remedy it. This often means that one parent gets make-up time with the child.


Another thing is, if you keep a child from a visit, you also risk being found in contempt. The rule is a parenting plan must still be followed even during this crisis. Refusal to follow could be a major problem.


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Q: How to agree on parenting plans for unmarried parents?


After establishing the father, will the mother of the child be amenable to all planned undertakings for the child? Furthermore, will she work with him and okay to do this? It is important to secure a good relationship with the mother of the child in doing this. The unmarried and separated, both have a right to determine a schedule that works for both of them. The father and the child’s mother can come to an agreeable arrangement, that can convince the court to make it legally binding. For any reason both can’t reach an agreement, the father can take the case to court. A family judge will listen to both sides and can determine the child custody or visitation rights from there.


Q: How to file for a parenting plan in Washington?


If the man is the child’s acknowledged father, adjudicated father or presumed father, he may go ahead and file an action in the Washington courts for a parenting plan or residential schedule. It also distinguishes each parent’s custodial rights and visitation with the child. Filing of a motion for a Parenting Plan and its subsequent documents will be the best to do. It will definitely help determine child support, child custody and child visitation. The request for the court order can also be according to their preferences for the parenting time and the court will consider the request according to the laws of Washington state.


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Q: What to do when arrested for DUI for the first time in Washington? 


At the time of the arrest, it is important to do two things: COOPERATE and BE POLITE. You do not want to aggravate things – it is your every right to remain silent but cooperating with an officer does not mean answering questions that could incriminate you. Be polite in answering and refusing whatever you are being asked to do. When you are arrested for DUI, the first thing you DO is call a DUI Attorney – knowledgeable, experienced and hard-working at that. It is essential that your DUI attorney understands how the prior offense system works because someone who has a deferred prosecution for DUI will in turn be considered to have a prior DUI offense. Therefore, you want to have a DUI attorney to be very well acquainted with DUI laws and its penalties.


Q: What is jail time for DUI in Washington?


It is determined by how high your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at the time of your arrest. If it is less than .15, maximum penalties are 24 hours in jail, five years of probation and the requirement of undergoing an alcohol evaluation and recommended follow up treatment could all be served.


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