We’ve talked about DUI multiple times here in Soriano Law. Will it affect your employment? Will it be expunged? 

Today we explain about deferred prosecution – what it is and if it’s right for you.

A deferred prosecution, in Washington State, is a petition by the one charged by DUI to the court. It is basically an agreement not to prosecute a DUI in exchange for the charged/defendant to enter into and complete a two year intensive outpatient alcohol/drug/or mental health treatment program.  

Bear in mind that there are several requirements or conditions for this agreement. Not all of it applies to everyone so it’s still best to consult with a DUI lawyer on this one. Soriano Law can sufficiently help you – kindly give us a call immediately.

These conditions are:

  • Participating in a two year treatment program, then to be monitored by the court for three more years. If no problems within those 5 years, the court will then dismiss the DUI charge
  • Admitting that you suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction or severe mental health issues and will likely re-offend if you do not seek treatment. 
  • Alcohol total abstinence plus all other non-prescribed mind-altering drugs.
  • Participating in an alcoholism self-help recovery support group.
  • A “good fit” evaluation from a licensed chemical dependency counselor
  • IID or ignition interlock device in place in your car for minimum a year.. 


Is the two-year deferred prosecution, treatment program expensive?

Programs vary from agency to agency. This typically costs $2,000.00-$5,000.00 (two-year outpatient treatment program) depending on the agency. Many health insurance plans will cover a significant portion of the cost however not all accept insurance. This is an important question to ask when being evaluated – if the agency accepts insurance.


Is a Deferred Prosecution right for me?

Getting charged with a DUI is already costly to begin with – not to mention, painstaking too. Should you decide to go for a deferred prosecution, expect that your expenses can increase to at least double, if not more. 

You may think that doing the deferred prosecution route seems like the best route – especially you know this leads to a dismissal. However, it’s simply expensive – long and a lot of work. Be reminded that you will have to pay for the two year treatment program yourself, and that’s already easily minimum $2,000 dollars. And that’s just that – there are other costs to bear too like court expenses, the interlock device, and others more. 

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