We often get this question and the answer is simply yes. A DUI arrest in Washington State can potentially affect your employment status most especially if driving is part of your current job. This includes also if you’re driving to and from work.

The administrative sanctions by the Department of Licensing and court ruling strip you from driving privileges and therefore disallow you from your duties in driving when it comes to your job, including renting a car.


What You Can Do About it

You can apply for an ignition interlock license (IIL). You can drive but only if your vehicle is equipped with an IIL.

This also comes if you have special insurance coverage and has to be applied.

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What If I’m Looking for work, will DUI charge affect my job search?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act governs all states and includes convictions such as DUI. This would show up in the report, and if your job is especially requires a lot of driving as part of your work duties, this could cause problems. The good news is that it will not give you automatic blacklisting. If you’re in Grays Harbor County, Pacific County, and Mason County in Washington State, you can learn more about this with an experienced law firm to assist you such as Soriano Law LLC.

A qualified and experienced lawyer can help determine the best possible solution for you including minimizing potential legal outcomes to protect your employment status. Please call our firm to discuss at (360) 249-6174.