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A lot of our clients are asking about settlement agreements or CR2A. Here’s why we think it is your best option.


What is CR2A?


CR2A or Court Rule 2A is a Washington State civil rule authorizing agreements made out of court.


It reads:


“No agreement or consent between parties or attorneys in respect to the proceedings in a cause, the purport of which is disputed, will be regarded by the court unless the same shall have been made and assented to in open court on the record, or entered in the minutes, or unless the evidence thereof shall be in writing and subscribed by the attorneys denying the same.”


In simple terms, the settlement agreement that you create with you and/or your attorney eventually becomes your own court order.


Why CR2A Is Your Best Option


If you are asking if you can have a settlement agreement for a divorce, you can do so. Many times, a lot of people find filing divorce complicated – especially the logistics of it. Especially in this pandemic, what you want is to lessen the stressful experience of doing all the complicated work of filing it. Settlement agreements can even do dividing of assets and setting up child visitation that you can customize, therefore being helpful in saving a lot of time and even money without having to wait for the court’s timeline.


If you go to mediation, which the Washington State requires almost every couple to do so, the mediator should be able to take care of a lot of issues first, that are actually stressful if to be litigated in court. The mediator can recommend CR2A to resolve your disputes out of court.


How Soriano Law Can Help You Now


We can help you with reaching a Settlement Agreement by providing utmost guidance and useful advice of the law with community property and of potential pitfalls that you may likely be unaware of.


We are with you in aiming for this case to be settled as efficiently and as fast as possible, that is why a CR2A is the way to go, along with other out-of-court tools and ways that can be done without resorting to trial. The pandemic may have caused a lot of problems and disruptions, but we can still help you with your legal concern.


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