Now that you already know what’s the difference between a legal separation and a divorce, you’re probably on your way to the court or booked a conversation with your attorney.

Again, legal separation is very similar to divorce, however, in the end, you’re still legally married. Both legal separation and divorce will divide assets, create a parenting plan, and assign financial responsibility to each spouse. It is accomplished through a court order and is a legally binding consent decree.

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Yes, absolutely. A parenting plan can be issued as part of a petition for legal separation. Washington state’s process for legal separation is almost the same as divorce. Same requirements. (insert internal link of starting a divorce process blog before). When married parents separate, it’s highly important to address child custody or a parenting plan early and thoroughly. It has to be in detail where arrangements like parenting time (visitation) schedule and co-parenting rules (provisions) are in place.

Parenting Plan Is Important to Separated Parents

Think about your child/ren. Even if the separation results to divorce, at an early stage, it is important to plan out your custody. It will allow everyone to adjust to the new situation. It also gives your child/ren adequate time for each parent.

When the court is involved in the separation, temporary arrangements are made not just the parenting plan, but also the division of assets and debts. With this in mind, arrangements for how parents will bear children’s rearing expenses will also be considered.

Filing for a parenting plan while under a legal separation can be a little overwhelming. You will need an attorney to professionally give you advice and help you get through this difficult ordeal. Contact Soriano Law now for a caring, straightforward and well-reviewed legal help. We are in Montesano (Grays Harbor County), but we also serve clients in Thurston County, Pacific County, Lewis County, Mason County, and Pierce County. You may reach out to us via phone at (360) 249-6174 and (360) 742-2817. You may also send an email at or via Facebook / Twitter at @SorianoLawLLC