It’s different from Social Security Disability. We’ve explained it in this article


The Social Security Administration is the one that makes the payments of Supplemental Security Income payments. People with few assets and low income may also receive benefits under the SSI program – these are typically people who are indigent and therefore must qualify to meet certain low-income and asset requirements.  It is:


  1. For those who become disabled, have not paid into the system, and meet certain income and resource requirements to receive benefits 

  2. Acts as a welfare program


There are those who receive a supplemental payment from Washington State, called “State Supplemental Payment, or “SSP”, which is on top of their SSI payment. 


SSI Standards for 2022 (Federal Benefit Rate)

Individual: $841

Eligible Couple: $1,261


Washington State’s Economic Services Administration of the Department of Social and Health Services gives monthly state supplemental payments of $38.25 to select SSI recipients. These are:


  1. 65 or older

  2. Blind (as determined by Social Security)

  3. Married to spouses who are ineligible for SSI

  4. Receiving SSI as a foster child

  5. Receiving specific services and not eligible for foster care reimbursement under Social Security Act


Note that only one payment of $38.25 (one month) will be made per SSI recipient, even if an individual qualifies under more than one of the above three (3) eligibility criteria. Additionally, SSI is based on needs. If your monthly countable income is over the SSI benefit amount, you are ineligible.


Am I eligible for both?

Before applying, be ready to provide information about yourself, your medical condition, and your work. Processing time for disability applications varies depending on the nature of the disability, necessary medical evidence or examinations, and applicable quality reviews. If you qualify for SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance, you may lose SSI benefits or receive a reduced SSI amount, depending on the amount of your Social Security disability benefits.



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