We are ecstatic to announce that our long-time, truly exceptional attorney is now a partner at Soriano Law LLC! Kelsey is a lawyer one could ever ask for, with years of experience in family law, Kelsey has been consistently getting amazing client feedback through the years!

One particular feedback that was truly special was from the Chief Family Law Judge in King County who remarked:

 “Kelsey is one of the best family law attorneys I’ve seen in years and the knowledge of statutes was so impressive!”


Kelsey Demeter’s Background

A Pacific Northwest native, she has been in the legal field for over a decade working various types of law. She began her career as a Paralegal and Hearing Supervisor at a large Social Security Disability firm in Oregon before relocating to Seattle where she worked in Collections and Construction Defect litigation. During and directly after Law School, Kelsey worked in Maritime Personal Injury helping fishermen who had been injured on the job in Alaska.

While in Law School Kelsey was awarded a Dean’s Diversity Scholarship as well as the Crandall and Pera Law Legal Scholarship which is an annual scholarship awarded to incoming law students who demonstrate a commitment to diversity and equality and consider helping those less fortunate a calling that they wish to answer. She was also accepted and attended the Comparative Corporate Governance legal program at Oxford in England where she was taught by the former Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice. 


During Law School Kelsey externed for the Honorable Judge Gretchen Leanderson in Pierce County during her Family Law Rotation. This experience of watching seasoned attorneys practice family law gave her the jump when she joined Soriano Law because she had firsthand insight into what arguments a judge finds most persuasive in domestic matters.

Kelsey is a passionate advocate for her clients who describe her as caring, honest, determined, and knowledgeable. Kelsey knows it’s not always about having the best set of facts but being able to present them in the best way.

In addition to her main practice of Family Law, Kelsey is a certified Title 11 and Title 26 GAL, a member of the Tokeland Tribal Court, and is a Special Prosecutor for the City of South Bend. Kelsey is a member of the Grays Harbor Bar Association, the King County Bar Association, and DRAW (Domestic Relation Attorneys of Washington)


Here Are Just a Few Of The Many Amazing Testimonials For Kelsey

From the moment Kelsey took on my case, her unwavering dedication to helping me was palpable. She demonstrated a profound understanding of the intricate details of my situation, ensuring that I always felt heard and understood. Kelsey’s professionalism and comprehensive guidance were remarkable. Her consistent communication, timely updates, and clear explanations of procedures kept me well-informed at every step of the process.

Kelsey’s ability to passionately and resolutely advocate for what is just and lawful is nothing short of extraordinary. She possesses an unmatched skill in not only understanding the law but in expertly applying it, making sure that my case was represented with the utmost strength and integrity.

Throughout the demanding legal process, Kelsey’s confident demeanor was a source of reassurance during the most stressful moments of my litigation. In the end, I owe the restoration of my life to Kelsey and the exceptional team at Soriano Law. I cannot express my gratitude enough – Kelsey is truly remarkable!

Jessica Hulet

I have had an excellent experience with my attorney Kelsey Demeter.  She has been extremely hard-working, helpful, and responsive throughout my custody case.  I cannot say enough good things about her and I am very grateful!  I am happy I found such a great lawyer!

Clayton Herron

Kelsey Demeter was my lead counsel. Every specific detail of my case went absolutely perfect, and Kelsey was very detailed in everything that she did. When my child custody case finally went before the judge, she was prepared for every question that came from the opposing attorney, the GAL, and the Judge.

Joshua Sanchez

Maybe once in a lifetime a practicing lawyer comes along a co-professional who has the integrity, respect, intellect and temperament to stand above all others. Clients often dream of such a professional being their lawyer. Kelsey Demeter is one such lawyer. I have over 50 years of lawyering experience, the last eight of which were spent watching Kelsey in State, Federal, Municipal court handling cases from A to Z. She shows us what the very best looks like, and demonstrates the utmost humanity and humility to each of her clients, representing each as a very special human being.

Tom Evans

Join us in congratulating Kelsey! She can also be reached at kelsey.demeter@sorianolawllc.com