Starting a divorce in Washington State? We’re sure you have questions on how to. We’ve written some helpful tips here. We’ve also written top concerns in filing for a divorce during the pandemic. Read here.


As you know, you can file for a divorce without proving any grounds for it, only irreconcilable differences. But once you sign off of it, it is super difficult to change it. Such things can happen on a contested divorce. Meaning, you and your spouse do not agree on the issues such as child custody, child support, or the division of marital assets. If any of these arises, a trial will be set and will have to be decided by a judge.


Best advice? Get a consultation with a lawyer you can trust. It’s great if you have lawyers who listen very well and are competent to help you – lawyers who know each other and work well together so they can process your case efficiently and cost-effectively. Soriano Law LLC is one of the most trusted in the Harbor and has helped clients throughout Washington State. Send an email to us at once. 


How Long Is a Contested Divorce?


A contested divorce in Washington state takes at least 6 months to be finalized – but some could take a year depending on the cooperation of each party, especially in the documents.


How Do We Divide Our Property?


Cooperation is key. You can settle and divide your property in an amicable manner with full cooperation. In cases where we see otherwise, it could get very litigious. In some cases, records are voluntarily provided, but in some, subpoenas are a must. There are usual areas of disagreements – like financial assets that are hidden, value of the house or some businesses – that often proceed to an investigation. Soriano Law LLC can also assist on this matter. 


We recommend talking to an experienced family law attorney about your divorce. Soriano Law LLC serves Seattle, Grays Harbor and multiple counties in Washington State and may be able to serve you. Book a free consultation now or call (360) 249-6174.