“Kelsey is one of the best family law attorneys I’ve seen in years!”

Usually, we get great testimonials from our clients, but this one is truly special. We always say we strive to serve our best to our clients, but this time, no less than the King County court family law judge had this to say to our beloved attorney.
Kelsey Demeter, Soriano Law LLC lawyer, was given a review by the King County court judge himself. In a recent court trial, he raved about the lawyer after seeing her grit, determination, compassion and most of all, knowledge to the case. This remark is very rare coming from a judge.
“She was so impressive,” added the chief family law judge.
We know you always do an exceptional job, Kelsey. You are amazing as always!
We dedicate this to all our clients and people who believe in and trust us. Thank you again!
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