Family Visas
The United States government recognizes the importance of being able
to bring your loved ones to live with you and build a life together in
this country. For this reason, the U.S. offers hundreds of thousands
of family preference visas in addition to unlimited visas for certain
immediate relatives of U.S. citizens.

K1 Fiancé Visas
With a K1 fiancé visa, your future spouse will be able to come to the
United States, provided that you will be married within 90 days of his
or her arrival. After you are married, it is possible for your spouse
to file an application to become a lawful permanent resident.

Spouse Visas
U.S. citizens can bring their spouses to live in the United States
using the IR1 immigrant visa, while green card holders can do the same
using the F2 visa. There are additional options that make it possible
for a spouse to immigrate to the U.S., and we can help you choose the
right one.

What is a green card?
A United States permanent resident card, commonly referred to as a
green card, is a form of ID that is used to signify that its holder is
a legal permanent resident of this country. Although it does not give
the holder the full rights and responsibilities of citizenship, this
identification does allow the holder to live and work in the country
without fear of deportation, unless certain conditions are not met.
Green card holders are also referred to as lawful permanent residents
and are eligible to apply for full U.S. citizenship after they have
resided within the country for five years (or less if they are married
to a citizen).

Green card holders have several rights, including the right to live
and work within the borders of the country; the right to travel out of
the country for certain periods of time without negative immigration
consequences; the right to own property in this country; the right to
attend public school; and the right to receive Social Security,
Supplemental Security Income, and Medicare benefits under certain
circumstances. Securing a green card also makes it possible to legally
petition for spouses or unmarried children to obtain a similar
residency status and ID. Green cards can be obtained through various
routes, including through family connections, work, or asylum.

Guiding You Through the Application Process
The benefits associated with holding a green card are highly
desirable, and lawful permanent residency in the U.S. is in high
demand throughout the world. For this reason, it is not recommended
that you proceed with your application without the guidance of an
experienced immigration attorney

How do I become a citizen of the United States?
For many people around the world, the idea of becoming a legal citizen
of the United States of America is a lifelong dream and goal. The U.S.
has a reputation and history as a country full of opportunity for
everyone, both for those who are born here and for those who immigrate
here from around the world. Naturalization, however, is not an easy
process; for many people it can become a confusing and complicated
experience. If you want to increase your chances of success and avoid
unnecessary complications, hire an experienced immigration attorney to
guide you through the process and represent you with government

Eligibility Requirements
People become legal citizens of the U.S. either by birth or through
one of several legal processes. Foreign nationals who want to enjoy
the significant benefits and assume the rights and responsibilities of
citizenship are required to carry out the process of naturalization.
The basic requirements for naturalization include possessing a green
card for a minimum of five years prior to the application date; living
continuously in the U.S. for at least 30 out of the 60 months prior to
the application; and being able to past tests in U.S. history and
government as well as in reading, writing, and speaking English. It is
also necessary to demonstrate that you are a person of good moral
character, which includes never having been convicted of an aggravated
felony, among other things. Provided that you can meet all of the
requirements, you can complete an N-400 form to apply for citizenship.